Farmer loading hay on to the back of a trailer attached to a Bakcou Mule eBike

Cover More Ground
Conquer More Chores

Bakcou electric bikes are perfect for ranching and farming. Our bikes are powerful and durable, and they can handle even the most demanding tasks. They're also easy to maintain, so you can spend less time working on your bike and more time working on your ranch or farm.
Rancher riding a Bakcou eBike on the farm Rancher riding a Bakcou eBike on the farm

Shrink your Space

No need to make the long trek by foot anymore.  Get out on your land within minutes, even when hauling your gear.

Save Gas In Your Tank & in Your Vehicle’s Tank

Save Gas In Your Tank & in Your Vehicle’s Tank

Some jobs are just too big for the wheelbarrow, and some too small for the ATV or truck.  Now there’s a vehicle for that sweet spot to help you tackle your to-do list quicker and more efficiently.

Bucked Up

Jessica Gray

“I can't get enough of my Bakcou eBike. I use it all the time on the farm. I'll buzz down the pasture to check my cows during calving season. It's nice and quiet so it doesn't startle or rile up the cows.”

The Bakcou Difference The Bakcou Difference


Who would want a work horse that needs to take a nap half way through the day?! Well, the same goes for your eBike. You need enough power to tackle your task list from dawn to dusk. This is where Bakcou leaves all other eBikes in the dust by exclusively offering the largest eBike battery in the market. Learn more about how Bakcou batteries are engineered to provide you with peak performance.

The Diesel Engine eBike

Before considering any eBike, you better check under the hood first.  Many eBikes feature a motor with sport nylon gearing that is more susceptible to breaking down.

At Bakcou, we feature Bafang motors, engineered with all metal gearing to produce the most durable, powerful motors you can get on an eBike Learn more about these “get ‘er done” motors featuring smart torque sensors that deliver power based on your personal riding style.


Considered as the Elite SUV of eBikes, Bakcou eBikes have a lot of features that elevate the riding experienceOne of these special features that we are especially proud of is the Rohloff Speed Hub, which is a 14-speed internal gear hub.   All enclosed in a waterproof casing, this protected rear gear hub makes it easier to shift gears and reduces problems with the bike drivetrain.  Check out the Bakcou Jäger models that feature this sweet technology and learn more about how the internal gearing system is a game changer.

No Peddling Needed - Bakcou Fat Tire eScooters

When we say scooter, we are not talking about those wimpy, small-wheeled, toys that can barely make it over a crack in the sidewalk.  Bakcou eScooters are the MONSTER TRUCKS of the scooter world with oversized wheels, full suspension, and enough power to take you anywhere on your property.  Hop on, hop off, get more done.

The original full suspension electric scooter
Our uncompromising fat tire electric scooter
Electric, Fast, Zippy and Fun!

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