Military man on a cliff with the MAV3 eBike

Elevate Your Service

Ebikes engineered for reliability and toughness for the most challenging conditions
Learn how Search and Rescue Chief uses Bakcou eBikes to help save lives
Two police officers riding Bakcou eBikes Two police officers riding Bakcou eBikes

Providing Support As You Support Those in Need

Whether defending our country, patrolling our communities, or preserving our land, Bakcou eBikes are engineered to elevate your service.

Military man posing with his Bakcou eBike Military man posing with his Bakcou eBike

Delivering Dependability For Those We Depend On

eBikes built with the best-in-class motors, batteries, and components that you can count on to perform at the level you demand, at the time that matters most.

Military man taking aim while crouched over his Bakcou eBike Military man taking aim while crouched over his Bakcou eBike

Products Forged with Patriot Passion

Our team consisting of veterans and ex-police proudly develops products worthy of those that put their heart and souls into serving their country and communities.

The Bakcou Difference The Bakcou Difference


The battery is the lifeblood of an eBike. This is one of the most critical components that you don’t want to skimp on. After all, it’s not just being able to get out in the outdoors, it’s also having the ability to get back. Check out more about the best battery on the market found exclusively on Bakcou eBikes.

The Diesel Engine of eBike Motors

The Bafang Ultra M620 features all metal gearing for a durable, longer lasting motor.


Just another reason why Bakcou is considered the Elite SUV of eBikes! The Rohloff Speed Hub is a 14-speed internal gear hub.  What’s so special about an internal gear hub you may ask?  Less worry about banging up your derailleur or having the chain slip off the cassette.  The rear gearing is enclosed in a waterproof casing protecting it from the hazards and conditions found in your favorite playgrounds.  Check out our Jäger models that feature this sweet technology and learn more about how the internal gearing system is a game changer.

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