The Weber County Archery Park | Bakcou Center

While walking around the Weber County Archery Park and Bakcou Center, it is easy to see why Mike is so passionate about this place. Mike Luna is the park manager and was nice enough to give me a tour of the entire place, while explaining to me how the park came to be and where he would like to see it go.

The park is still very new, just about one year since its grand opening. It includes a huge outdoor area with plenty of 2D and 3D targets, and even structures to shoot down from. There is also the Bakcou center, a huge indoor range and event center. 

We have the naming rights for the center for the next 10 years. Our CMO, Brian, saw the Archery Center as an incredible opportunity to get more involved with the local community and bring in more valuable partners. As part of the agreement we also get to host four events a year at the range. 

And we aren’t the only company to get involved. Easton, Hoyt, Vortex, and others have also partnered up with the Weber County Archery Park. It is exciting to have so many companies share a vision and invest in a space for the community.

The center itself is already hosting many impressive events. Mike told me about the “Utah State Formal” an archery competition that was held at the range. He said that the contestants were so accurate it was actually doing a bit of damage to the target bails where the arrows hit consistently one after another.

Apart from the archery competition, Elk Shape, another one of our partners, held a camp at the center. The Elk Shape camp focuses on all aspects of Elk Hunting. Not just the technical aspects, also the mental and even financial aspects. At the camp participants learned how to get in the right headspace for a difficult hunt while also dealing with the financial side that allows hunters the resources to embark on a trip. 

Leagues and Women’s nights are also held at the Bakcou center. This allows people an opportunity to meet other archers and hunters. It also gives a great environment to learn and compete. And speaking of learning there are even local kids who are using the range to get elective credits for school. 

So it’s easy to see that there is a lot going on in the Bakcou center, and that is just the beginning of the entire Archery Park. The outside of the center is just as impressive. Mike and I hopped in his truck as he showed me the vast area that makes up the park.

The tour started just outside of the center. Where archers can take advantage of the wide expanse the park covers. There are towers to shoot down at targets. And all along the hills that beautifully overlook the surrounding town there are more shooting areas scattered about. 

The park is incredible and Mike has plans to continue to make the park even  better and serve more people. One thing he is working on is an area for toddlers and young children. This area will be outside in a patch of trees. He has started to woodchip the area and hopes to set up small targets so that the little ones can shoot toy bows and start to understand the fun of archery.

The Weber County Archery Park is a testament to what happens when a bunch of great people and companies come together. The park has something for everyone. From seasoned hunters and archers, to toddlers, to people just getting into the sport. I am excited to see how the park continues to grow and how we can continue to expand an amazing network of partners who are passionate about the same values we share at Bakcou.