The ultimate ‘Get ‘er Done’ eBike engineered to take you and your gear anywhere you want to go. The award-winning Mule can be customized to fit a variety of needs. Whether it’s towing your gear into the backcountry, riding like a stealth jet to your hunting grounds, or just cruising through the great outdoors, you can count on the Mule to deliver.

1000 Watt Motor
25 Amp Battery
61+ Miles Range
The hard tail that is hard to live without
Starting at $4,799
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Internal gear hub revolutionizes the way you shift and reduces maintenance
Starting at $6,999
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A lower top tube means easier getting on and off.
Starting at $4,799
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Mule ST 24" Tires
Big power for our smaller riders.
Starting at $4,799
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Team Whitetail Fix

Christine Taylor

“Covering ground and stalking mule deer hunts with my Bakcou Mule is the best advantage I’ve found for leveling the playing field!”

The Bakcou Difference The Bakcou Difference
A Mule That Can Cover Distance Like a Camel

When out in the backcountry, on the range, or far from camp, you need to make sure you have enough gas in the tank to you get back.  The Mule offers the biggest eBike battery you can get.  Discover how all batteries are not on the same level and what you should look for.

Our Mules Are More Like Clydesdales

The Bafang Ultra M620 motor delivers massive power when you need it most. Built with all metal gearing, smart torque sensors and the ability to switch from 1,000 Watts to 750 Watts to become Class 1 compliant. This motor is the most durable and will last longer so you can ride and tow like a boss.

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