Hunter on an eBike with antlers in his pack on a snowy day surrounded by pine trees

Elevate Your Game

Built by hunters for hunters. These electric bikes are the stealthy stalkers with power to conquer any terrain.
Camo Mule eBike with Hunter walking away from bike Camo Mule eBike with Hunter walking away from bike

Built By Hunters for Hunters

We know the feeling when that 350 bull steps into the meadow, or when a pig takes your fly off the surface during a fall hatch.  Passion for the outdoors is what drives us to pay attention to the details that other eBike companies simply wouldn’t consider.  We are pushing ourselves to improve and evolve our eBikes in order to provide you a killer experience (literally and figuratively).

Hunter fist bumping another hunter with antlers on his back Hunter fist bumping another hunter with antlers on his back

More Fist Bumps, Less Leg Pumps

Land those backcountry trophies without all the sweat and struggle.  Personalized pedal assist will allow you to climb higher, go deeper, with greater stealth as you hunt for big game or monster fish.  Better make more room on your wall for all the new mounts!

Jana Waller hunting on a Bakcou Mule eBike

Skullbound Chronicles

Jana Waller

“I’ve used other models of eBikes but none of them compare to Bakcou. Their eBike is engineered to be more user friendly on rough backcountry trails and feels more comfortable than other models I’ve tried.”

The Bakcou Difference The Bakcou Difference


It’s not just getting out in the backcountry, it’s also ensuring you have enough in the gas tank to get you back. Not all hunting eBikes are equal, especially when it comes to battery capacity and quality. Learn what you should look for in a battery and how Bakcou spares no expense to provide you with the best eBike battery on the market.

The Diesel Engine of the Ebike World

Why are Bakcou eBikes continually awarded the Best Hunting eBike?  One reason is what we put under the hood.  We’re not talking about a conversion motor with weak nylon gearing, which is found on many eBikes you’ve seen. The smart motors on our eBikes are engineered to deliver personalized power and durability from all metal gearing. Learn more about what makes the Bafang motors the “diesel engine” and the must-have if you want to tackle any terrain.

The Game Changer

Just another reason why Bakcou is considered the Elite SUV of eBikes! The Rohloff Speed Hub is a 14-speed internal gear hub.  What’s so special about an internal gear hub you may ask?  Less worry about banging up your derailleur or having the chain slip off the cassette.  The rear gearing is enclosed in a waterproof casing protecting it from the hazards and conditions found in your favorite playgrounds.  Check out our Jäger models that feature this sweet technology and learn more about how the internal gearing system is a game changer.

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