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Man looking at the mountains with pine trees with his Scout eBike Man looking at the mountains with pine trees with his Scout eBike

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Whether you are a new Bakcou Dealer learning the ropes, or a current Bakcou Dealer needing a refresher course, these videos will help you become more familiar with Bakcou and our products.

Man on a eBike looking into a valley of trees

Martin Chagnovich

“I've tried 6 different brands and in recent years have chosen to stick with Bakcou. The Storm is a great bike for the rough terrain I ride on.”

The Bakcou Difference The Bakcou Difference


Think of the battery as the gas tank for your eBike. The more gas you have, the more peace of mind you will have to get where you want and, more importantly, get you back. Not all batteries are equal, especially for eBikes. Learn more about the Bakcou battery and why it is considered the best in the market for both size and quality.

You’ll Only Find Heavy Metal Fans Here

No, we’re not talking about wearing black concert tour shirts and ripped jeans while banging our heads to Metallica (although we see nothing wrong with that).  We’re talking about our motors and what sets Bakcou apart from the imposters. Many eBikes feature motors with sport nylon gearing, which is more susceptible to breaking down.  If you want a durable, long-lasting motor, you’ll want one with all metal gears. Learn more about what makes the Bafang motors found on all Bakcou eBike the rock stars of the eBike world.

The Game Changer

Considered as the Elite SUV of eBikes, Bakcou eBikes have a lot of features that elevate the riding experienceOne of these special features that we are especially proud of is the Rohloff Speed Hub, which is a 14-speed internal gear hub.   All enclosed in a waterproof casing, this protected rear gear hub makes it easier to shift gears and reduces problems with the bike drivetrain.  Check out the Bakcou Jäger models that feature this sweet technology and learn more about how the internal gearing system is a game changer.

The People Have Spoken!

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