“I’ve used other models of eBikes but none of them compare to Bakcou. Their eBike is engineered to be more user friendly on rough backcountry trails and feels more comfortable than other models I’ve tried.”

Jana Waller hunting on a Bakcou Mule eBike
Jana Waller
Skullbound Chronicles

“Bakcou is an absolute game changer”

Carson Wentz
NFL Quarterback & Wentz Bros Outdoors

“I've tried 6 different brands and in recent years have chosen to stick with Bakcou. The Storm is a great bike for the rough terrain I ride on.”

Man on a eBike looking into a valley of trees
Martin Chagnovich

‘I can't get enough of my Bakcou eBike. I use it all the time on the farm. I'll buzz down the pasture to check my cows during calving season. It's nice and quiet so it doesn't startle or rile up the cows.”

Jessica Gray
Bucked Up

“Covering ground and stalking mule deer hunts with my Bakcou Mule is the best advantage I’ve found for leveling the playing field!”

Christine Taylor
Team Whitetail Fix
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