Top 5 Things to Look For In An eBike

And you thought you would never have to do homework again in your life! But now it seems like choosing the right eBike requires more research than that report you had to write in high school about the macroeconomic impact of the Civil War on the Southern States. As we have talked to our customers, we learned what made the biggest impact on them choosing the right eBike company. We took their top considerations and created this list that will hopefully help you in your research journey.

1. When it Comes to the Battery, Size Does Matter!

We’ve heard loud and clear from our customers that the battery was one of the biggest factors in choosing the right eBike. Your eBike should have the capability to get you out to where you want to go, and more importantly, have enough juice to get you back. So, when you are looking at different eBikes make sure you note the size of the battery capacity.  

Battery capacity is usually measured in amp hours (Ah). More amp hours means a bigger gas tank. And the bigger the tank, the further you can go. Bakcou eBikes feature the largest single battery you can get for an eBike at 25Ah. It will cost a little more, but all our customers have said it’s worth it.  

In addition to size, quality also plays an important role when it comes to eBike batteries. Some eBike companies will go with cheaper components in their batteries. Bakcou eBikes, on the other hand, are equipped with Panasonic high-capacity, quality cell batteries designed to last longer, ensuring that you can venture further without the worry of running out of power.

Two Guys on Bakcou eBikes Riding on a Desert Mountain Bike Trail

2. Power When You Need It Most

At the heart of every eBike is its motor, and Bakcou takes this component seriously. Unlike some other eBike companies that use motors that have nylon gearing, which is more susceptible to breaking down, Bakcou eBikes feature the Bafang ULTRA M620. Engineered with all-metal gearing, this beast is the most durable motor on the market. Whether you are in the backcountry, on the trails, or just cruising around town, you can depend on these motors to withstand the rigors across all types of terrain.  

The 1000W output from the Bafang motors will provide you with the power not only to take you wherever you want to go but also has the power to haul your gear and game. It’s like having your very own pack mule. Bakcou features a variety of bags and trailers you can attach to the bikes so you can take what you need for any adventure. You can also check out this video where Bakcou co-founder, Bryan, gives you more of the nuts and bolts. 

3. A Company That Stands Behind Its Product

We know that purchasing an eBike is an investment, and it's crucial to choose a company that you can trust and stands behind its products. As you evaluate the different companies, make sure to take a look at their track record. You might ask the following:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Where are they located in case I need support?
  • What type of warranty do they offer?

Bakcou is a U.S.-based company that has been producing quality backcountry eBikes since 2016. At Bakcou we are so confident in the quality of our eBikes that we decided to offer the strongest warranty in our category. We even have a warranty manager on our team who will take care of you if something goes wrong with the components. However, he is not a very busy guy, if you get what we mean.

Man Riding a Backou eBike on a Lush, Mountainous Trail

4. Customer Service 

Calling a business over and over again without making contact with a real person is enough to drive anyone crazy. For many people, getting into an eBike is a new adventure and with that comes a lot of questions and need for support. As you are looking at different companies it’s just as important to read the reviews of customer service as it is to read the product reviews. This will give you a window into how the company operates and how much they value their customers.

Beyond the technical specs and innovative features, what truly sets Bakcou apart is our award-winning customer service. We have a group of truly fine humans who are responsive, knowledgeable, and have a genuine drive to make our customers happy. Whether you need assistance with choosing the right model, require help with maintenance, or have questions about your eBike, our team is ready to assist.

5. Ability to Kick the Tires

Sometimes taking an eBike out for a spin before buying can make all the difference. Getting a feel for how the eBike operates, experiencing the power, and discovering how fun riding an eBike can be is an important step for many consumers. Unless you have a friend that owns the specific eBike you are considering, you will need to look for authorized dealers that have what you are interested in and someone to help you. 

Bakcou has over 150 dealers nationwide that carry our eBike models, accessories, and parts. We encourage anyone who might be sitting on the fence or who has just started looking around, to go into one of our dealers and experience the Bakcou difference first-hand. Once you get on one of our eBikes, you will find it hard to restrain the smile on your face.

Research doesn’t have to be an arduous task, as long as you have the resources readily available. We hope that this checklist will help you as you consider which eBike is right for you.