Introducing the MAV3 eBike from Bakcou: A Game-Changer in the eBike World

Bakcou is thrilled to introduce the MAV3 eBike, a true marvel in the world of electric bikes. Previously reserved for the heroes among us - our first responders and military personnel - we've now made this beast of an eBike available for everyone. And trust us, it's a game-changer.

Why the MAV3 Stands Out

  1. Power and Control: At the heart of the MAV3 is the Bafang Ultra M620 motor. Not only does it boast heavy-duty metal gearing, but it's also a smart-motor with an integrated torque sensor. The Bafang Ultra M620 means you get the raw power you crave with the control you need for those tricky terrains.
  2. Extended Rides: With two integrated batteries (15 amp hour each, totaling 30 amp hours), you're looking at incredibly long, uninterrupted rides. Say goodbye to frequent charging stops!
  3. Revolutionary Shifting: The MAV3 is equipped with the Rohloff Speed Hub, a 14-speed internal gear hub. The Rohloff Speed Hub eliminates the need for a derailleur and rear cassette, allowing for seamless shifting. Whether riding on flat ground or tackling a steep ascent, a quick twist is all you need to adjust your gears.
  4. Military-Grade Components: From wide stance handlebars for stability, a left-hand thumb throttle, quad piston hydraulic disc brakes, to 4.8in wide, 26-inch Maxxis Minion tires, the MAV3 is built for performance.
  5. Supreme Suspension: Rough trails? No problem. The MAV3 is built with an inverted KKE Fork with 140 mm of travel, ensuring a smooth ride even on rugged terrains.
  6. Maximum Durability: Crafted from heavy-duty 6061 aircraft aluminum alloy, this bike is built to last. After all, it's trusted by military personnel worldwide.
  7. True Step-Through Design: Easy on and off access makes the MAV3 suitable for a wide range of riders. Whether you have accessibility issues, you're 5'10" or towering at 6'10", this bike has got you covered.

In Conclusion
The MAV3 eBike is not just another electric bike; it's a testament to Bakcou's commitment to quality, performance, and innovation. Built for the military but designed for you, it promises durability, power, and unmatched performance.

Learn more about the MAV3 here.

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Happy riding!

Note: The consumer version of the MAV3 will not include the police lights shown in the video.