Electric Bikes Make Commuting Better

We spend a lot of time talking about how a Bakcou eBike or electric scooter can benefit you while out hunting, exploring the backcountry, or looking for a new form of exercise to get in shape, but there's also another perk of eBikes that is worth spending some time on. Across the country, workers are spending more and more time out of their day sitting in their car commuting to work, with the average commute in the U.S. now being well over 30 minutes each way. That can be an entire hour out of each workday spent sitting in a car. I don’t know about you, but I can think of a hundred other things I would rather be doing than sitting in traffic.

Enter electric bikes and scooters. eBikes and scooters have quickly taken off as a hot new mode of transportation for commuting. Here at Bakcou, we’ve recently seen a significant increase in riders looking for a strong quality eBike to become their primary ride for commuting. Our bikes aren’t just for hunting and the backcountry; eBikes are for everyone looking to go farther and with less impact on the environment. We know that not everyone has the luxury of using an electric bike, especially when commuting from the suburbs. Electric bikes certainly have some tremendous benefits for those able to take advantage of them for their daily commute.


For most people, this benefit is HUGE. Especially with rising fuel costs, using electric bikes and scooters for commuting can save riders thousands of dollars a year. From spending less on fuel to less maintenance to saving on insurance and other expenses, the savings quickly add up. These savings don't even include the cost of wear-and-tear on your vehicle from all of that daily commuting. Saving on your fuel and transportation costs gives you the flexibility to invest in other areas and interests, and all add up to living a happy and fulfilled life!


For most, you get to your office and sit sedentary at your desk for most of the day. We already know that daily exercise is incredibly important to our health and wellbeing. Making the time for it can be a challenge for most. Riding an electric bike is an easy way to get in a workout without sacrificing time out of your day. You would already be spending that time, and maybe even more time, in your car driving to and from work. Why not make better use of your time by doubling up and using your commute as your exercise time? Biking to work can have significant long-term benefits for your health. That seems like a no-brainer to us. 

As part of the physical health benefit, it’s also important to mention that commuting to work on your eBike or scooter can have you feeling MORE energized and ready to take on the day than you would feel if you had just ridden in your car. Exercise and spending time outside are proven to help you feel more alert and awake for the day. 



It's probably pretty self-explanatory, but still important to mention that commuting with an eBike or electric scooter has significantly less environmental impact than commuting in an automobile. eBikes and scooters don’t release harmful emissions like an automobile, helping solve a growing air pollution problem in growing cities. They also have significantly less impact on our roads. With a smaller size and weight, electric bikes and scooters won't damage the roads as much as a car typically does. They require a much smaller amount of roadway or sidewalk space to get you to and from your destination.



At this point, I think it’s safe to say that most people know the positive impact that getting outside, getting fresh air, and exercising can have on mental health. Commuting on an electric bike allows you to check all of those boxes in one quick ride. Getting outside and exercising gets the blood flowing, forces your brain to practice motor skills, and boosts your mood. Riding your eBike or scooter to work can be more fun than sitting in your car stuck in standstill traffic. Riding your eBike or scooter also makes it easier to make quick stops along the way. Plus, you get to interact with other cyclists and pedestrians.

Many who commute on their eBike report that they arrive to work happier and in a better mood than they would commuting by car. This often led to riders having a more pleasant and productive day. I don't imagine anyone would argue against showing up to work happy and eager to take on the day.


Electric bike and scooter commuters aren't likely to get stuck in traffic, spending 30+ minutes each way to go ten miles. Most riders who commute on their electric bikes and scooters save time over commuting by car. When riding your eBike to work, the amount of traffic to get stuck in is pretty minimal. If your commute is primarily on the bike path, a crosswalk might be your only traffic congestion. Even if your commute does happen to take place on the roads, you’re usually able to (safely) breeze by the long lines of crawling cars. Not to mention that on an eBike, your commute time stays the same every day, and you won't have to factor in any time for traffic congestion.


It’s easy to see how using electric bikes or scooters for commuting can be incredibly beneficial, and we’ve just barely scratched the surface on the benefits eBike riders can reap. For those that can commute to work by electric bike or scooter, we highly recommend swapping your car for your eBike, even if only a couple of days a week. If you’re looking for your next commuting eBike or scooter, we have great options to fit your needs available at www.Bakcou.com