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The Benefits of Riding an Ebike

The Benefits of Riding an Ebike

With any new technology there will be those who quickly embrace it to those who will scoff at it, and also people at every point in between. For those of you who may be somewhere in the middle when it comes to ebikes, let me tell you about some of the benefits of riding an electric bicycle. These benefits range from health to fun to getting to places you didn’t think possible. 

So let's start with personal health, it may seem counterintuitive but ebikes can actually do wonders for staying fit and healthy. Even though these bikes sport a motor that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to put in some work to get around. What is nice is that you can put in as much, or as little effort as you please. With our bikes you can adjust the level of assist. This means that if you want to work a bit more than you can turn down the level of assist and really work for every mile. When you start to get tired, turn up the assist and take it easy for a bit. Regardless, the results of each turn of the pedal, as far as speed and distance, are simply amplified when compared to a traditional bike. It is because of this that people tend to ride their ebikes for longer periods of time. And also people will reach for their ebikes more often. And the bottom line is that whenever you are out spinning the pedals you are increasing your fitness and improving your overall health.

Ebike Benefits

Not only is your own health improved with an ebike, another benefit of an electric bicycle is improving the health of the planet. Compared to getting around on a traditional gas powered vehicle an ebike is far less energy intensive. Also electrical energy can be generated by more sustainable sources than that of a gas powered engine. Electrical energy can be created by wind, water, and solar sources. We sell solar panels on our site, by using these to power your bicycle you are riding  a super sustainable vehicle that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels! Another win for the planet is that ebikes don’t create harmful emissions. Cars and trucks account for nearly 20% of US emissions. As more people embrace electric vehicles including bikes we can bring this value down and help to decrease the impact of transportation on the environment. 

Alright so we have improved our own health and we are saving the planet, what else? Well how about just the utility and capability of an ebike, especially a beefy rugged bike (like ours). Whether it be hunting, rock climbing, or simply exploring the outdoors, you can do more when you have a bike with a powerful motor attached to it. Places that once seemed far away or inaccessible are now within reach. And even better you can bring all the gear you could ever need to these more remote destinations. Many of our customers use their bikes for hunting. While they once had to wake up before the sun to spend a few hours hiking into their spot. They can now roll out of bed a little bit later, enjoy a cup of coffee and load their bike up with all the gear needed for the day. Then hit the trail and still make it to their destination sooner than they could have otherwise. The backcountry terrain you can cover on an ebike is simply unparalleled and this opens up endless possibilities for adventure!

Dog with Ebike

So now you’ve gotten an idea of how riding an Ebike can benefit you, from your personal health, to environmental benefits, to getting to new places you didn’t think possible! The benefits of ebikes are numerous and we have just scratched the surface here! And part of the fun of getting any new toy is figuring it out for yourself. For those of you who have already embraced ebikes,  

what is the biggest benefit for you? And for you who are on the verge of snagging an electric bicycle what are you most excited about? For me, I think what I like the most is just how stinking fun they are to ride!

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