Dealer Rewards

Bakcou recognizes that our dealer sales representatives are the ones grinding every day to sell our Bakcou line of products and close the deals.  To thank you for being an awesome part of the Bakcou Tribe, we created the Dealer Reward Program.  Here’s how the program works:

  • Sign Up
    Register below as an authorized Bakcou Dealer employee and to join the program

  • Sell
    Sell any of our eBikes, eScooters, and Bakcou branded gear to earn Bakcou points

  • Submit
    Login to the Dealer Rewards Program and submit your sales by attaching a proof of purchase with the product details and total sale price

  • Get Rewarded
    Earn 2% of the total sale of Bakcou products listed on the proof of purchase.  1 point for every $1 sold.  You can accrue and use your points to purchase Bakcou products for yourself at the retail price.  If you want to purchase a Bakcou product but don’t have enough points, no worries.  You can simply pay the difference.  

  • Join the program today and start earning Backou points.  Register for the program and we’ll add 20 free points to your account.

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