Where to Purchase Bakcou eBikes and Scooters

We often get customers asking where they can buy Bakcou eBikes and scooters. At Bakcou, we're proud to offer a couple of different options to our customers for purchasing our products.

The first option for those local to the northern Utah area is to visit us in-store at the Bakcou Headquarters in Ogden, UT. We have an expansive showroom and a stocked warehouse ready to help you find the perfect Bakcou eBike or scooter for you! 

The second option is our extensive network of Authorized Dealers across the United States and even a few in Canada. Many of our dealers keep a stocked showroom of Bakcou eBikes, allowing you the opportunity to test ride different models before you purchase. For customers who don't live near Bakcou HQ, the ability to test ride our bikes at an Authorized Dealer is especially helpful in determining which bike is right for them. You can use our Dealer Locator Map to find a Bakcou Authorized Dealer near you. 

Finally, there is always the option to purchase directly from Bakcou on our website at Bakcou.com. Our website gives customers the ability to see our entire lineup of products and view inventory in real-time. 

You may even be lucky enough to see us at an expo or various retailer shows in the hunting and recreation industries. That makes a bonus opportunity to purchase one of our bikes!

We hope this helps you find the best option to purchase your Bakcou eBike or scooter. If you have questions or concerns, our customer service team is always available to answer your questions via phone at (844)227-1096, email at info@bakcou.com, or on the live chat feature on our website.