Transporting Your Bow or Rifle on Your Bakcou Bike

At Bakcou, our team has established ourselves as the industry leader of fat-tire eBikes for hunting. Sportsmen rely on their Bakcou bikes to take them and their gear farther into the backcountry, reaching those off-the-path spots in pursuit of filling their tags. With that, they’re always looking for the best way to haul their gear on their bike. One of the most common questions we hear is, “how do I transport my bow or gun on my bike?” Luckily, for those who don’t want to strap it to their pack, Bakcou has a few proven solutions.

The first option, which happens to be our most preferred, is the PSG Bow/Gun Rack that mounts to the handlebars of your bike. The PSG (Pull Set Grip) rack eliminates the need for repeatedly removing and reattaching your bow or gun with cords, velcro, or rope. With the PSG, you pull the strap to open the clamp, insert your bow or gun, and let go of the strap. Then, it instantly adjusts to fit your equipment and hold it securely.

Your second option is to place your bow or gun in your Bakcou eBike trailer and haul it in with you. This method eliminates the need for anything to crowd your handlebars, and you know it will be safe (as long as the safety is on!). 

Finally, the third option for those needing a solution for their rifles is to buy a gun scabbard that can be attached to the rear pannier rack. While not a product Bakcou sells, there are many incredible options available. Then you just have to place the rifle in, make sure it’s secure, and they’re on their way. 

As we head into the thick of hunting season, with the elk rut underway here in Utah, we’re eager to see how our Bakcou tribe members use their bikes to elevate their game. Whether a new hunter or a seasoned veteran, Bakcou has the perfect solution to help you on your next hunt. Bakcou was built by hunters, for hunters to take you further than ever before. 

Are you still looking to get a Bakcou bike of your own? Be sure to take advantage of one of our current specials, check out our current bike deals, give us a call, or head to your local dealer to learn more and take a test ride.