The Silent Revolution: Jason Say's Experience with the Bakcou Mule Hunting eBike

Jason Say of Field Days and Wired Outdoors recently shared his take on the increasingly popular eBike trend in the hunting industry. Like many, Jason was initially skeptical about the capabilities of hunting eBikes, especially concerning their ability to withstand rugged terrains and the demands that come with it. However, after observing the growing popularity of hunting eBikes among his peers and conducting thorough research, Jason decided to give Bakcou a try.

The Bakcou Mule eBike Experience
Jason's choice landed on the Bakcou Mule eBike. In his video, he discusses a bit about the Mule’s practical applications related to his, and many others, hunting scenarios. Here are some of the highlights from his review:

1. Silent and Scent-Free Movement: One of the primary reasons Jason was drawn to hunting eBikes was the potential for silent movement. As an avid deer hunter, he understands the importance of not alerting the game. Traditional quads, while effective, are noisy and emit a strong odor. The Bakcou Mule, on the other hand, offers a quiet and scent-free alternative, making it easier to approach game without alerting them.

2. Perfect for Turkey Season: Jason found his Bakcou Mule particularly useful during the turkey hunting season. Its silent operation allowed him to cover more ground without disturbing the birds. Unlike quads, he could quickly move from one spot to another, making calls without having to park your vehicle.

3. Pre-Season Scouting: Beyond hunting, Jason emphasized the Bakcou Mule and its utility in pre-season scouting. He manages over 30 food plots and frequently checks trail cameras. The Mule allows him to navigate these areas without disturbing the natural habitat or leaving behind a human scent.

4. Handling and Power: Addressing common concerns, Jason confirmed that the Bakcou Mule is powerful enough to handle rugged terrains and steep hills. He was impressed by its ability to tackle challenging conditions with minimal effort.

5. Accessories and Customization: Jason talks about the variety of accessories available at Bakcou, including bow and gun holders. Jason also discusses our eBike trailers for hauling more gear and harvested big game.

Jason's Conclusion
Jason's experience with the Bakcou Mule eBike was overwhelmingly positive. He believes that if it performs as well during the whitetail season as it did during the turkey season, it's a game-changer. For those on the fence about hunting eBikes, Jason's review offers valuable insights into their practical benefits in real-world scenarios.

To watch Jason’s full review video, click here or check it out below.

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