The Low-Down on Step-Through Electric Bikes

If you’re in the market for an electric bike and have been looking across different brands, or even looking at just Bakcou eBikes, there’s a good chance you’ve come across a step-through electric bike or two. Unless you’re big on bike terminology, you’ve probably wondered, ‘what does that even mean’'. We totally hear you. 

What is a Step Through Electric Bike?

A step-through electric bike is just what it sounds like. In a step-through electric bike, the top tube of the frame has been lowered or removed altogether. Thus, making it easier to “step-through” the eBike to get your leg to the other side to straddle or stand over it. Step-through eBikes are easier to get on and off of and typically have a lower standover height. 

Bakcou Step-Through Electric Bike– Mule ST 26

Step-through electric bike models are great for senior riders, women, shorter riders, and those with mobility issues or injuries. These riders may have a difficult time getting their leg over the top tube on a standard (step-over) model. Riders with shorter inseams benefit from the ST models for a few reasons. The biggest reason is that they can swing their leg over their eBike easier. Riders also have better control when they stop because they can place both feet on the ground while standing over the eBike. 

Bakcou Step-Through Electric Bikes

At Bakcou, we offer two of our electric bikes in a step-through (ST) variation. The Mule ST is available in two sizes, the Mule ST 24” and the Mule ST 26”. The frame size on both eBikes is the same, but the Mule ST 24” has 24-inch tires instead of 26-inch tires like on the traditional Mule and Mule ST 26”, giving it an even shorter standover height. We recommend the Mule ST 24” for our riders who are 5’6'' and shorter. Bakcou also offers their Flatlander as a Flatlander ST variation. 

Bakcou Step-Through Electric Bike

Unlike most step-through electric bikes that have eliminated the top tube, Bakcou ST models still have the top-tube. We've lowered the top tube by about 3 inches at the seat post to give a lower standover height. On a Bakcou ST model, you don’t sacrifice any of the speed, ease, or comfort that you find in our traditional models. Where most step-through models aren’t built for anything but flat road cruising, you’re still just as capable of climbing hills and getting into the backcountry with ease on a Bakcou Mule ST. 

Step-through models have been another great step in making electric bikes accessible for all abilities. The ease of getting on and off your eBike is critical for the longevity of your eBiking enjoyment. For those with physical limitations or who happen to be a little on the shorter side, step-through eBikes are the perfect solution. 

For more information on the Bakcou ST models, visit our website here. If you have questions or want to chat step-through electric bikes, comment below or get in touch here!