Storm Jäger vs Storm G2

Bakcou has just released their newest, best fat tire electric bike yet. We took our already stand-out, full-suspension Storm & made it even better. The Storm Jäger will chew up rocky climbs and steep descents with ease.

Jäger, the German word for hunter, pays homage to the German-engineered Rohloff hub that the Storm Jäger was designed around. While the Storm Jäger is quite similar to the Storm G2, there are still notable differences worth digging into.

What makes the Jäger different?

The Rohloff Speed Hub is an internal gear hub, meaning it does not have a traditional cassette and derailleur system. Without a traditional cassette and derailleur system, the Storm Jäger requires less maintenance than a Storm. With everything internally housed within the Rohloff hub, gone are the days of breaking your derailleur on a thick, rugged trail or worrying about your cassette getting clogged up with grass or mud. 

Bakcou Storm Jager Fat-Tire Electric Bike

With an internal gearing system and an untraditional cassette and derailleur system, the Storm Jager can change gears without pedaling. This feature can be a huge benefit when you’re in the middle of a grueling uphill climb, struggling to pedal and needing to shift to a lower gear. There’s nothing worse than being stuck on a hill, needing to downshift, and not being able to because you can’t pedal enough. The Rohloff Speed Hub changes that and makes those demanding climbs a bit easier.

In addition to all of the Rohloff Speed Hub’s internal gearing benefits listed above, it’s also important to highlight the improved gear hub in the Storm Jäger. Compared to the regular Storm, which has a Sram 9-speed gear hub, the Storm Jäger features an incredible 14-speed gear hub. That’s five more gears than its traditional counterpart. As a result, this gives the Storm Jäger higher speeds and better climbing ability for a fat-tire electric bike. 

Fat Tire Electric Bike

How are the Storm Jäger & the Storm the same?

Outside of the Rohloff Speed Hub with its internal gearing and an untraditional cassette and derailleur system and the 14-speed gear hub, most other specs on the Storm Jäger and the Storm G2 are identical. Both fat tire electric bikes feature the Bafang ULTRA mid-drive motor, often called the “diesel engine” of mid-drive motors. The all-metal, heavy-duty gearing of the Ultra motor combined with the intelligence of an integrated torque sensor, make it the most capable, durable, and efficient eBike motor on the planet.

The smart motor allows you to toggle between 750W and 1,000W of continuous power, with a max output of 1,500W. The Ultra motor provides both the Storm and the Storm Jäger up to 160 Newton-metres of torque. That’s more torque than a small car!

With this much power and torque, these eBikes need to have the frame and the suspension to handle them. And these fat-tire electric bikes don't disappoint. The Storm and Storm Jager are full-suspension, with an RST Renegade Fork and a Rockshox Air Monarch rear suspension. Bakcou takes pride in having top-of-the-line suspension in our top-of-the-line bikes. 

We could go on and on about all of the incredible specs on both models, but we’ll let the bikes speak for themselves. You can see the extensive list of specs by checking out the Storm Jäger and the Storm on our website.


So which is better, the Storm Jäger or the Storm? There’s no right or wrong answer; it all depends on your preference. Factors to consider are where you’ll be riding and whether you feel comfortable doing some trailside maintenance if necessary. The Storm Jäger is the perfect choice for those looking for a little more sense of security out in the backcountry. The internal gear hub eliminates the possibility of clogged or broken derailleur or bogged-down cassette. Both models are phenomenal bikes. It’s easy to see why the Storm has quickly made a name for itself as our best-selling fat-tire electric bike.