Save Money on Commuting with Bakcou

In today’s economy, there’s no denying that everyone is looking for ways to cut costs in any area they can. From rising fuel costs to increased prices on vehicles and parking, many have seen their transportation budgets increase exponentially in the last few months. Bakcou is on a mission to help consumers save money, and our electric bikes and scooters are doing just that. 

How do elite electric bikes and scooters like those sold at Bakcou help consumers save money on commuting? There are a couple of different ways to look at it! While purchasing a Bakcou eBike or scooter requires an upfront investment to obtain your new ride, your cost-saving aspects quickly catch up!

Save Money on Gas

Probably one of the biggest and most notable areas of saving with electric bikes and scooters is in terms of fuel. eBikes and scooters don’t require gasoline, only a few hours of electricity. Charging an eBike or scooter uses less electricity than most of your average home appliances, so the increased utility costs are minimal, especially in comparison to the amount you’d otherwise spend on gasoline. eBikes and scooters can even be charged off solar panels, meaning you’re saving even MORE!

No Car Payments

One of the highest portions of a transportation budget is typically the loan payment to purchase your car. When you use a Bakcou eBike or scooter for commuting, you save money by not having to make a monthly car payment. Eliminating a car payment saves some consumers hundreds of dollars a month. 

Fewer Parking Fees

Finally, one of the last biggest savings from commuting with an eBike or scooter is saving money on parking passes and fees. In most areas, they encourage alternative modes of transportation by offering free bicycle parking. In areas that don’t offer free bicycle parking, the price of bicycle parking is significantly less than vehicle parking. Saving money on parking by commuting on your eBike or scooter is another great way to save money on transportation. 


When it comes to cutting costs on different aspects of everyday life, there are a million and one ways to go about it. Commuting on your Bakcou eBike or scooter is a fantastic way to save hundreds of dollars a month on transportation while benefiting your mental and physical health in many incredible ways. While you’ll always have to choose what works best for you and your family, we hope you’ll seriously consider commuting on a Bakcou eBike or scooter!