Riding Your eBike With a Trailer

When it comes to accessories, other than our pannier bags, our trailers are the hot item that everyone wants with their new Bakcou bike. And it makes sense! Trailers add so much utility and versatility to an e-bike. With the added cargo space you can haul more gear, easily pack out an animal, or even easily bring along your dog!

Ebike With Trailer

We sell multiple different types of trailers that all have their optimal use cases. We have trailers that sport two wheels and have a solid floor bed. Another trailer that is a folding deer cart that attaches easily to your bike. And also a single wheel cargo trailer. So let’s talk about why you might pick one trailer over another depending on your needs.

Our two wheel trailers with large beds are great for packing in everything but the kitchen sink! They are super stable so even with big loads you can be sure they won’t try to fall over on you. We have seen people use these to take in camping gear, hunting gear, and to haul out animals. They attach with an arm to one side of your axle using the included hitch hardware. These are a work horse of a trailer and are great for extended trips or any adventure that requires a lot of gear. 

Our deer cart trailer is purpose built for hunters, as our owner Dave put it “it holds a dead deer really good”. The cart is highly adjustable, it can lay completely flat or with a quick adjustment it can be used as a hand cart off the bike. Because it can fold all the way in half, it packs down very small for transport and storage. It also has quick release wheels like our other two wheel trailers to facilitate compact storage. Apart from hunters his trailer is great for hauling gear or even fire wood around when you are at camp. 

The single wheel hunting cargo trailer is a beast for tearing up narrow or more technical trails. With only one wheel this trailer tracks like a dream. I often forget that it is even attached to the bike when I am using it. It is spacious enough to bring in plenty of gear. However, because it has only one wheel it isn’t quite as stable with heavy loads. So I wouldn’t put quite as much weight in it compared to the double wheel trailers. 

Which brings me to my next point; it is important how you pack the weight of any trailer (even car trailers). When you pack a trailer you want the bulk of the weight to be towards the front of the trailer. This prevents the trailer from swaying too much. It is also important to make sure that your load is securely strapped down. And that there is nothing that could get caught in a wheel or even snagged on a tree. With a well packed trailer you often forget it is even there!

So hopefully this has helped you decide which trailer is best for you. Or maybe you decided you need more than one in your garage so you can pick the optimal trailer depending on the ride you are planning. Regardless, it is exciting the way adding a trailer can completely change up the level of adventures you can go on with your bike! For those of you who already have a trailer with your e-bike, how do you typically use it? How has it added to the utility of your bike?