Preventing Flat Tires on Your Bakcou Fat Tire Electric Bike

Whether on a fat tire electric bike or on a traditional bike, every cyclist has been there. You're out for a perfect ride, just made it up a gnarly climb, and getting ready to blast down the other side. Then you look down and hear a hissing noise and see your bike tire has suddenly become quite deflated. The hopes of having some fun on the downhill quickly dissipate. Flats are something every rider has dealt with, whether we like it or not. 

Preventing Flats – Electric Bike Fat Tires

Flat tires are a nuisance out on the trail or in the field, and nobody likes to deal with them. Unfortunately, flat tires are somewhat an unavoidable reality when riding a fat tire electric bike. There are, however, a few steps you can take to prevent them or, at the very least, lessen their effects so that you can finish enjoying your ride before dealing with the flat tire when back at home. 

While it'd be easiest to tell you to avoid anything that can puncture your tire, we know that's not realistic. Bakcou has developed a few upgraded options for your bike to help prevent flats and keep you on the trails. Each upgrade is easily installed before hitting the trails and all are small changes that can make a difference. Extend the length of your ride, and the longevity of your tires, by making a few simple changes before hitting the trails. 

Bakcou Puncture Seal by Flat Out

The first available upgrade, Bakcou Puncture Seal by Flat Out, is a product we think every rider should utilize. Bakcou Puncture Seal by Flat Out is a unique, non-toxic formula made of super-strong KEVLAR fibers. These fibers are dispersed on the inside of the tire to prevent flats and small leaks. The Bakcou Puncture Seal by Flat Out lasts for 10+ years and provides serious puncture protection to protect your tires.

Fat Tire Electric Bike – Bakcou

Bakcou Heavy Duty Fat Tire Tubes

We also highly recommend the Bakcou Heavy Duty Fat Tire Tubes. These heavy-duty tubes are made of military-grade butyl rubber and have variable thicknesses to keep weight down. The heavy-duty tubes give your tires strength when and where you need it. The heavy thickness of the rubber at the base of the tire tapers to a thinner, light-weight against the rim of the tire providing you with a strong layer of protection.

Bakcou Puncture Proof Fat Tire Liners

Another solid option for helping to prevent flat tires on your ride is the Bakcou Puncture Proof Fat Tire Liners. These liners are a thin piece of extruded plastic that sits between the tire and the inner tire tube. The liner provides an added layer of protection against punctures due to thorns, goat heads, or the like.

Tannus Armour Fat Tire Inserts

Finally, Bakcou offers Tannus Armour Fat Tire Inserts that also provide an added barrier against goat heads, rocks, sticks, and all the other pesky nuisances that can cause punctures and headaches out on the trail. The Tannus Armour Fat Tire Inserts provide 15mm of puncture protection on the top of the tire and 2mm of sidewall protection. 

Trailside Repair Kit

In addition to the tire liners and protection upgrades mentioned above, Bakcou also recommends carrying a Bakcou Trailside Repair Kit with you when you hit the trails. Repair Kits come with all the tools needed to make quick repairs on common issues while out on a ride. From an extra section of chain and chain pliers to a bike pump and tire patch kit plus everything in between, a trailside repair kit gets you back on the trail.

While impossible to use all tire upgrades together, we highly recommend using the Bakcou Puncture Seal by Flat Out. This is especially important if your ride will take you to areas heavily infested with thorns, goat heads, etc.

We can’t guarantee that these upgrades will 100% prevent you from getting a flat tire, but we are confident they will work incredibly well in making sure you can stay on the trail and enjoy your ride. Protect your Bakcou eBike tires and let your ride take you further than you’ve ever gone before!