How We Choose Components for our Backcountry EBikes

Bakcou was born from the passion of two hunters that realized a better way to get into the backcountry and do what they love. Although Bryan has biked a lot in his time, and Dave is very mechanically inclined, designing a bike from the ground up was a totally new undertaking for the both of them. Because of this, and because of the purpose of our bikes, they are built a bit differently from many other eBikes on the market.

The design philosophy for our bikes has always favored rugged components that are reliable in the backcountry while being easy to use. Our bikes are equally suited for an outdoors person who hasn’t touched a bike since childhood to a seasoned cyclist. To better understand our bikes and why we choose the parts that we do, let's look at some of the most important components of our bikes.

To start, our frames are made of airplane grade 6061 aluminum. This means that our frames are super strong and durable without being too heavy. The frame design utilizes tube geometry that ensures the bike is going to handle whatever you get into. We also have multiple frame styles to suit different styles of riding and also different sized riders. Our step through models are great for shorter riders and also people who will often be riding with a lot of gear. Our full suspension bikes are for those of us who love to tackle the most rugged terrain. 

We’ve already written a post about our Bafang Ultra motor, basically it is the strongest motor on the market and that means a lot of power to keep under control. To achieve this and give our riders the confidence to stop on a dime we sourced quad piston hydraulic disc brakes. This means that on either side of the rotor there are two pistons coming together. Many other brakes only have dual piston brakes, these won’t give you the stopping power of our super powerful brakes.

Another part that we have carefully sourced to handle the power of our bikes is the chain. The chain transfers power from the motor and your pedal strokes to the rear gears. Anyone who has snapped a chain knows that it can be detrimental to your ride. So we found the most heavy duty chain on the market. This ensures that it can handle the power from the Bafang motor and transfer that power efficiently to your rear tire.

The importance of those tires also cannot be understated, we found the tires that fit the characteristics of a rugged backcountry bike. This means we sourced fat tires, these increase traction and grip while also giving you the ability to roll over large obstacles. The maxxis tires on our 26” bikes are also made from a super durable rubber composition that is more resistant to flats than many other tires. The tires on our other bikes were also chosen due to the impressive rubber composition that they sport, they are both fast and durable. 

The last part of the bike that I want to look at is the shifting system. It is important to have a quality shift system, as it will affect your ability to move smoothly through the gears. We have found that the Shimano Alivio and Sram XS components do an excellent job smoothly shifting. And what’s more they tend to stay in adjustment for long periods of time meaning that you don’t have to worry about adjusting your derailleur often and you can enjoy riding more.

As Bakcou continues to grow, we receive invaluable feedback from our customers and from our own experiences on the bikes. We are alway looking for ways to improve our bikes and stay ahead of the pack. We have recently introduced a carbon fiber bike, the option of getting an internal gear hub stock, and even higher end forks. We look forward to continuing embracing what works best for our bikes and our customers' needs. One thing that will never change is our commitment to quality bikes and top of the line customer service. So if you have any ideas for improving the design or functionality of our bikes don’t hesitate to email us!

Created By:
Chloe Thomas
instagram: chloetisme