How to Transport Gear on your EBike

Sometimes we ride our bikes for fun, and sometimes we ride our bikes because we have a mission in mind. Whether that mission is an epic backcountry camping trip or tagging out for the season, sometimes successfully completing that goal can come down to what gear you bring along with you. 

Luckily, we have designed numerous ways to store and haul gear on our bikes. With these accessories and add ons, you will easily be able to bring along whatever tools you need (or want). So let’s take a look at all the ways we have to take gear into the backcountry, we’ll start at the front of the bike and work our way to the back.

Let’s kick this off at the handle bars, we sell a specialized product called the gator gripp. The gator gripp is an awesome product that is made in America from hardened steel and mounts to the handle bars. It allows the user to easily mount a bow or gun to your bike (if you are feeling creative you could use it to mount many other tools, like a shovel or tent poles). Your bow will be safe on the front of your bike where you can see it and it will remain secure even in the roughest of terrain. 

Moving to the head tube of the bike, many of our bikes are compatible with our front basket. A bike that is compatible with the front basket will have 4 threaded holes to screw the basket into. The front basket is a great way to store gear that you want easily accessible. For example, you could put your binoculars or a rain layer in your front basket so that it is quick to access when you need these items in a hurry. 

As for storage in the middle of the bike, we are coming out with a phone holder that mounts to the top tube of your bicycle. This phone holder will still allow you to use your touch screen. Under the phone pouch there is additional storage that is great for a wallet and car keys.

Sticking around the middle of the bike, many people like to ride with a backpack. A backpack is a great way to take a lot of gear with you and it may be something that you already own. And although it doesn’t technically mount to the bike it is still worth mentioning. The drawback of a pack is that it can tire out your back and shoulders over a long ride, however it is nice because when you step off your bike you are ready to go. 

Then as we move towards the rear rack of the bike we have quite a few options here. Some riders will simply strap things directly to the robust rear rack using bungee cords or different straps. This is a simple way to secure loads. The rear rack is heavy duty and capable of holding over 75lbs, so there is a lot you can put on here!

For a more elegant solution on the rear rack, you can also mount pannier bags. We sell a set of two heavy duty water-proof bags. These bags may very well be our best selling accessory, and for good reason. They add so much versatility to the bike. From packing out quarters in the backcountry to packing out groceries at the market. These bags look great and make it super easy to carry along anything you want. 

Staying at the rear rack we also just came out with bags that clip on to top of the rack. There are two sizes: small and large. The small is great for the trailside repair kit and maybe an extra layer. The bigger bag is the perfect size to fit an extra battery and has some extra pockets on the inside and outside to keep you organized. They both use custom designed clips that fit snugly on our racks to keep the bags super secure.

Moving farther back we sell many different trailer options. For multi-day epics or successful hunts the trailers can be a game changer. Allowing you to exponentially increase the amount of storage space. Our hunting cargo trailer has only one wheel so it is nimble and great for single track trails. We also sell two wheel trailers that offer more stability. Whatever trailer you pick though you will have the benefit of easily adding more storage space to your bike. 

So whatever it is that you want to get out and accomplish on your Bakcou bike, you will be able to take the right gear to get the job done. If you need to bring along a tent, multiple days of food, a bow, your well seasoned cast iron, your dog, and the kitchen sink consider it done! It is easy to get out and still have some of the creature comforts with our bikes and storage systems. 

Created By:
Chloe Thomas
instagram: chloetisme