How to pack for a Long Trail Ride with your eBike

So you got your new eBike, you’ve rode it around town, made all your neighbors jealous, and now you are ready. Ready to tackle your first long ride out on a trail. You won’t be close to town, you won’t have access to gas stations, or bike shops, you might not even have service. So how do you go about preparing for this endeavor?

To tackle a ride like this you need to think about how to keep your bike going and how to keep yourself going. We will list out the bike specific gear that you should be bringing on a backcountry ride. We will also look at something that you will want to keep yourself comfortable and moving. 

Bike Gear

So first, what kind of gear should you be bringing for your bike? Here are a list of some of the essentials for a longer more remote ride:

  • Mini pump or CO2 inflator
  • Spare tube
  • Quick link for chain
  • Tire Levers
  • Bike specific multi tool
  • Zip ties and duct tape

Personal Gear

Now that you have the items that will keep your bike in good order, it’s time to think about what you will need for yourself:

  • Water
  • Nutrition
  • Additional layers for changing weather
  • First aid kit
  • Fully charged phone
  • Headlamp

That gear is a good starting place for most bike adventures but you may need more or less depending on what you are going to do. This is why it is also important to have a plan before setting out. Look at the trail that you are hoping to tackle, making sure that you have a way to navigate that trail, whether by gps or your phone.

Having an idea of the distance and elevation gains will also help you with your food and water plan. You may be able to get away with less water and a filter if your path crosses streams or rivers. Also you should consider realistically how much food you will want. Remember that even with an eBike you will be burning more calories than usual and you should plan accordingly. 

Also look at the weather, hot weather will require that you drink more water to stay adequately hydrated. Knowing the weather in advance will help you to determine what clothes to wear and potentially what other layers you will want to have stashed away. If you are going out on a day with a chance of rain make sure you have a way to stay dry and warm.

Before you set out, also make sure that your bike is charged up. With an eBike it is important to know about how much range you can expect out of your bike, with your riding style. If you are planning on riding past that range make sure you have a plan for getting a little extra juice. You could bring a solar panel, an additional battery, or plan out a place to charge your bike during the ride. 

It’s also good to ensure that your phone battery is charged up to 100%. These days phones are great for navigating trails. They can be invaluable in the case of an emergency. And even just for taking pictures of your adventure. Having a fully charged phone is great peace of mind.

Before going out on an epic 2 day, 100+ mile trip it is a good idea to work up to that. It is better to learn trailside bike repairs knowing you could hike out if you need to. As with many things in life you don’t know what you don’t know, so start learning when the stakes are lower and you will quickly start to dial in the skills for successful adventures.

Created By:
Chloe Thomas
instagram: chloetisme