How to Fix a Flat on Your Fat Tire eBike

If you’re an eBike enthusiast, especially one who rides a Bakcou fat tire eBike, you know that a flat tire can be a real downer, especially when you’re out on the trail. But don’t fret! Fixing a flat on a fat tire eBike is simpler than you think. Lucky for you, we’ve got all the tips you need to know to quickly and easily fix a flat tire on an eBike when you’re out on the trail. 

If you need to fix a flat tire on your eBike while on the trail, you’ll need just a few tools. These include a wrench, tire levers, and an air pump. You can find all of these in our Trailside Repair Kit. Then, of course, you’ll also need a new tube or some tire patches. 

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to get your eBike’s flat tire fixed and you back up and riding in no time. 

Prepare Your eBike
Start by flipping your eBike over to make it easier to access the tire. However, be cautious not to damage the screen or other attachments on your eBike. If you have a pannier bag or other accessories, remove them first. 

Remove the Wheel
Before taking off the wheel, shift your eBike into the ninth or lowest gear. Use your wrench to remove the bolt holding the wheel. Once you’ve removed the bolt and washer, gently pull off the derailleur guard and let it dangle on the wire. Then, pull back the derailleur and remove the chain from the cassette to remove the wheel. 

Pull the Derailleur Back

Take Off the Old Tube
With the wheel off, be gentle with the rotor and gears to avoid any damage. Use your tire levers to remove the tire from the wheel, and then remove the tube from the tire. Once removed, inspect the inside of the tire and the rim to ensure there is no debris that could puncture your new tire tube.

Line up the nozzle on the tire tube with the hole in the rim

Installing the New Tube
Before placing the new tube, it’s a good idea to inflate it slightly so it’s easier to handle. If your tire has a liner, place it back inside the tire. Then, place the new tube, ensuring it fits snugly. Once the tire tube is in place, find the air nozzle and fit it into the corresponding spot on the rim. Work the tire back onto the wheel rim. Make sure the tire tube does not get pinched and that the liner stays in place. Even the slightest bit of dirt or the tiniest misalignment on the liner can result in an uneven tire roll. 

Reinstall the tire, using the tire lever if needed

Pumping Up the Tire
With the tire back in place, inflate it using your air pump. Ensure the tire remains beaded as you pump.

Reattaching the Wheel
When reattaching the wheel, ensure the derailleur is pulled back and out of the way. Remember to place the washers correctly – one on the inside and one on the outside of the bike frame. Tighten the bolts securely using your wrench. It’s crucial to ensure the wheel is tightly secured to prevent accidents while riding. 

Final Touches
Once the wheel is securely in place, flip your bike back over. Reattach any accessories and ensure your Trailside Repair Kit and other tools stored safely. 

That’s it! You’re ready to get back on the trail.

For a detailed walkthrough of fixing a flat tire on an eBike, watch Bakcou’s video here

At Bakcou, we highly recommend carrying a Traislide Repair Kit when you ride your eBike. At the very least, you have the essentials to perform basic eBike maintenance for anything that may arise while on the trails. The task of fixing a flat tire may seem daunting, but it’s actually quite simple, and we’ll have you back up and riding in no time! 

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