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Guide to Simple Electric Bike Maintenance & Pre Ride Check

Guide to Simple Electric Bike Maintenance & Pre Ride Check

With anything important in life; from a car, to a house, to relationships, maintenance is the difference between keeping things running smoothly or a breakdown. And an Electric bike is no different in this regard, timely maintenance and care will keep your eBike running for years to come. An electric bike has all the standard features of a traditional bike so we can start with looking at basic bike maintenance. And then we will take a look at the electric specific components of the bike, the battery and motor.

Basic Bike Maintenance:

When I think about taking care of my bikes there are a few key components that I keep at the front of my mind. These include the drive train, the brakes, the cables, and the tires. One easy way to extend the life of the drivetrain is to keep your chain clean and lubricated. A dirty chain will wear out the drivetrain more quickly, decreasing the longevity of your cogs and gears. A clean and well lubricated chain will allow the bike to shift smoothly.

Hydraulic brakes, like those that we use on our bike, need to be bled. Also the rotors and brake pads will need to be replaced every so often. A brake bleed can be done at home, however it does require specialized tools and brake oil. A bike shop can bleed brakes for you too and it is typically relatively inexpensive. You will know when you need to change out your brake pads because there will be very little material on the pad and you will feel a decrease in braking power. 

The shifting on our bikes is actuated using metal cables that pull the derailleur. These cables are run through a plastic housing. Since the cables are protected from the elements they tend to last a long time. Still they should be replaced every now and then to ensure smooth shifting and because they will eventually corrode and weaken. If you are unsure when to replace the cables a local bike shop will be able to help.  

The last big component that I keep an eye on is my tires. A good tire allows reliable handling, traction, and safe braking. It is important to keep an eye on your tires and replace them as the rubber degrades or if you get any large punctures. Keep an eye on the tread and be proactive in replacing your tires.

EBike Maintenance:

The biggest thing that sets apart an electric bike from a traditional bike is, of course, the electric motor. Luckily the electric motor that we use is built to last. Our Bafang Ultra motor has an IP rating of 65 meaning that the motor is not susceptible to the dirt and grime that you run through. We also use metal gearing in our motors so they will last for years. There is no routine maintenance that you need to do on our motors. If you ever run into issues simply contact us and we will help you get things figured out.

The other important part of the electrical system is the battery. We use high quality lithium ion batteries, to keep these batteries in good condition we recommend that you keep them topped off when not in use. Meaning that before you store the bike for an extended period you should charge the battery up to 100%. However, we don’t recommend leaving the battery on the charger after it is at 100%. Also try to avoid running your battery all the way down to 0%. Following these protocols will ensure the longevity of your battery. 

Pre Ride Check:

To stay on top of your maintenance and ensure that every ride will be as safe and enjoyable as it can be, it is great practice to do a pre-ride check. An easy pre ride check is the ABC check:

  • Air: Check the air in your tires, make sure that they are at the correct pressure according to the specifications and the conditions  you are riding in. Also quickly check your suspension to ensure that it still has the correct PSI for you. 
  • Brakes: Pull your brake levers to make sure that your brakes are working properly. Check the pads and rotors to ensure that material is still in good condition. 
  • Chain: Check out your chain to make sure that it is well lubricated and clean. It is also a good time to check your shifting to ensure your bike is shifting correctly.


Keeping your Electric bike in tip top shape is straightforward, and it will keep you and your bike running smoothly while allowing you to have more fun when out riding. If you do a quick check before every ride you will notice anything that needs attention; “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. If you have any bike maintenance questions feel free to reach out to us!


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