Elevating Your Experience – Bakcou Electric Bikes for Camping

Electric bikes can play an integral part in taking your camping experience to the next level. While car camping can be fun and convenient to have all of your stuff with you, you’re mostly limited to overcrowded campgrounds that lack that feeling of truly being in nature. The best campsites are usually those a bit off the beaten path. Electric bikes help campers reach scenic, more remote destinations with less exertion. 

eBikes are quiet and durable, capable of carrying heavy loads, making them the perfect tool to get to your destinations. Your eBike can get you to your destination faster and with less exertion. Using your electric bikes for camping gives you more time to enjoy the great outdoors.

Bakcou eBikes make hauling your gear into the backcountry a piece of cake. We have an extensive selection of trailers, racks, and pannier bags to help get everything you need into the backcountry. There’s sure to be something to fit everyone’s needs!

Is car camping more your style? No problem. Electric bikes can also add to your camping experience and make it even more fun. You can use your Bakcou eBike to get around the campground or go for a quick trip into town. Some trails might even allow you to ride your electric bike!

Plan Ahead

If you're headed camping on your electric bike, there's a couple of things to take into consideration to keep you on the trails. The first is to make a plan for charging your eBikes battery, if necessary. If you don’t have a place to charge your battery during your trip, we recommend either bringing a backup battery with you or planning your trip for a destination that is within the range of your eBike battery. 

When there’s a chance of inclement weather on your trip, we recommend bringing a Bakcou Rain Cover, or something similar, along with you. Your Bakcou electric bike will be fine if you ride through a little rain. If your electric bike will be sittingeout during a storm, we recommend covering your bike. Like any other electronic device, too much water can damage the battery and your eBike. For more info on the waterproof rating of Bakcou eBikes, check out the second half of our blog here.

Securing Your Electric Bike

Finally, if you know you’re going to be camping in a populated area, we recommend having a way to secure your bike overnight and when you’re not using it. Whether secured in your tent, in your vehicle or locked to a tree, it can be essential to have a way to keep your bike secure. We know that eBikes are an investment, and we would hate to see something happen to your eBike!

If you head out for a backcountry camping trip on your Bakcou electric bike, we always recommend checking out the local eBike laws and regulations and making sure that eBikes are allowed in the areas you plan to go before you head out on your trip. Be sure to always follow trail rules and etiquette, and be mindful of other trail users.

We would love to see pictures of your camping adventures on your Bakcou electric bike. To submit a photo, head over to our Bakcou Tribe page or send them over to us at info@bakcou.com. 

The weather may still be a bit chilly here in Utah, but we know camping weather will be here before we know it and we can't wait to get out with our Bakcou electric bikes!

Happy Camping!