eBike Regulations in Utah & Across the United States

When it comes to eBikes, there’s still a lot of confusion when it comes to where you can or cannot ride. Even with the growing popularity, many jurisdictions are navigating where and when to allow eBikes.

At Bakcou, we’d love to help clear up some of the confusion to ensure our riders can continue using their eBikes to conquer new trails and explore more. Below, you’ll hear from Brian Marsing, VP of Sales at Bakcou, as he covers the three eBike classifications adopted by most of the United States. Brian will also go over how to navigate and comply with the new eBike regulations outlined in our home state by the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources.

 Our goal is to help educate riders and to keep the doors open for them to continue riding their eBikes. Have any questions? Check out eBike Laws by State, message us at info@bakcou.com, or reach out to your local Forest Service or DWR/DNR regional offices.