Choosing The Bakcou eBike That's Right For You

At Bakcou, we know that purchasing one of our electric bikes or scooters is a serious investment and commitment, and we want our customers to be satisfied and happy with their purchase. One of the most popular areas we help our customers to consider and determine is which bike is the best fit for them. 

When choosing an eBike, or any bike in general, there are SO many factors to consider to choose the right bike for you. Speaking on eBikes specifically, the first decision you'll want to make before considering any specific model is whether you need a mid-drive or a hub-drive motor. Each motor has its benefits and it's downfalls. If you're looking for a bike to climb mountains, we definitely recommend a bike with a mid-drive motor. For an in-depth breakdown of choosing between a mid-drive and a hub-drive motor, check out this blog here

Once you’ve decided on motor type, the next thing to consider is whether you want a full-suspension or a hardtail bike. Again, both options have advantages and disadvantages, and your choice will come down to preferred riding styles. We have a comprehensive blog HERE about the differences and benefits of both. 

After you’ve decided on your motor and frame types, you're on to choosing whichever model is perfect for you. Many of the differences in models come in the motor, frame, and tire sizes, as well as specific parts. This is where it is important to choose which bike fits you best. Below is a comparison chart of Bakcou eBike models listing all the specs to consider when purchasing your bike. We highly recommend referring to this chart when you purchase your new Bakcou electric bike. If you still have questions or want to discuss your options with one of our Customer Service reps, please don’t hesitate to reach out by phone at (844)227-1096 or by email at