California's East Bay Regional Park District Expands eBike Access

Find yourself in northern California wondering where you can ride your eBike? You happen to be in luck! East Bay Regional Park District just announced that they have opened up 850 miles of trails to Class 1 eBikes. A Class I eBike is any eBike that still uses the pedals to move (pedal-assist) and has a maximum speed of 20mph. 

In addition, the park district moved to allow Class II eBikes on paved trails throughout the 73 parks. Class II eBikes have a throttle, meaning they don’t rely on the pedals to move, and have a maximum speed of 20mph. Class III eBikes are not allowed in any East Bay regional park. 

According to park district board members, many people are already using eBikes on East Bay trails and the new laws were established to catch up with riders. Current estimates note that about 30% of the bikes on East Bay trails are eBikes, a number expected to grow exponentially in the next 5-6 years. By allowing eBikes, officials hope to avoid an unnecessary lockout of law-abiding trail users. 

eBikes are helping people reach new areas and ride trails they haven’t been able to ride since their youthful years. By providing greater access to those with difficulty walking or those unable to ride a traditional bike, eBikes keep people active and improve their ability to explore more parks. 

To learn more about East Bay Regional Park District’s new regulations regarding eBikes, checkout the full press release here.