Beginner Tips for Riding an Electric Bike

“To me, it doesn’t matter whether it’s raining or the sun is shining or whatever: as long as I’m riding a bike I know I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”
Mark Cavendish

The appeal of an electric bike is irresistible. Why are hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and mountain bikers making the switch to eBikes? The thrill of the adventure and the ability to go farther, faster with minimal environmental disturbances is undeniable. Like ours at Bakcou, electric bikes are empowering riders to ride farther than ever. Riders take advantage of being able to adjust the eBike’s level of assist, meaning they can choose to turn it down and work harder for every mile or take it easy by turning up the assist when they start to get tired. Because of the ability to change your level of exertion with each ride, Bakcou riders are staying on their eBikes longer and reaching for them more often. 

What to Know Before Riding

While riding an electric bike is quite similar to riding a traditional bike, a few new techniques are important for both beginners and seasoned riders alike to learn before hitting the trails. eBikes are typically heavier than a traditional bike (because of the motor), and, therefore, handle differently. It is crucial to be comfortable with the weight and power of your Bakcou eBike before heading for the backcountry.

Electric Bikes – Bakcou

Important Tips

Some important tips to remember when heading out on your first ride are: 

    1. Always Check Your Bike. It’s important to thoroughly inspect your electric bike before you head out. Clean your chain, check your battery charge and connection, air up your tires, and test the brakes.
    2. Understand and Test Your Brakes (Again). Compared to a traditional bike, electric bikes are much heavier and require more concentration and power on braking. A heavy bike moving at faster speeds will take longer to slow down, and it’s essential to consider any extra time needed. It’s also crucial to understand how the brakes feel and which brake lever does what before heading for the mountains. 
    3. Practice. Start by riding your electric bike in an area with little traffic and plenty of space. Ride your eBike without power first to get a feel for the weight and balance of the bike. As mentioned before, it’s imperative to practice stopping and starting to have a solid understanding of how your eBike brakes. While practicing, make sure you navigate turns and obstacles to familiarize yourself with how the eBike handles. Maneuvers should be practiced both without power and with increasing levels of assist and throttle. Finally, make sure you know how to change gears on your eBike. If you’re unsure, check the Owner’s Manual of your Bakcou eBike or head to our website and check out our tutorial videos
    4. Safety First. Helmets are recommended while riding your eBike. We also recommended wearing high-vis clothing when riding at low-light, at night, or when sharing the road with other vehicles. Lights can also be an essential accessory to have when riding at night or in low-light. You can purchase your Bakcou Headlights here
    5. Conserve Power. While hitting the trails at full power seems enticing, it’s imperative to monitor your battery usage. Higher levels of assist will quickly drain your battery, as will making frequent starts and stops on your electric bike. 
    6. Start Slow. Starting at lower speeds is essential for a few reasons. First, it’s vital to be comfortable with your bike at lower speeds before putting your electric bike to the test and seeing what it’s capable of. Second, many states have laws and regulations surrounding eBikes, classifications, and speed limits. Be sure to familiarize yourself with your local eBike laws and regulations before hitting the trails. 
    7. Have fun! Once you’re comfortable with your electric bike, get out there and have some fun! Our Bakcou eBikes will help you to ride farther and explore more.

Bakcou Electric Bikes

We hope these tips will help you as you familiarize yourself with your new Bakcou eBike. Our electric bikes were designed with hunters and outdoor enthusiasts in mind, helping you to get out and explore the backcountry as you’ve never done before! Don’t forget to tag us (@bakcoulife) in your photos on social media and submit them on our website as part of our Bakcou Tribe.