Bakcou's Innovative On-Demand Programming for eBikes

Bakcou has introduced a groundbreaking feature for eBike enthusiasts: the On-Demand Programming (ODP). This new software enhancement is designed to revolutionize how riders interact with their eBikes, offering unparalleled flexibility and compliance with eBike regulations.

What is ODP?

ODP stands for On-Demand Programming. ODP is a software update available on Bakcou eBikes that allows riders to switch effortlessly between different eBike classes directly from their eBike display. This feature is compatible with Bakcou’s full lineup of mid-drive motor eBikes, including variations of the Storm, the Mule, the Scout, and the MAV3.

The Flexibility of ODP

With ODP, riders can select from Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, and an Unrestricted Mode. Each class has specific characteristics:

Class 1: Pedal-assist mode with no throttle, 750W max power output, and a 20 mph speed-limit.
Class 2: Includes throttle-assisted riding up to 20 mph and 750W max power output.
Class 3: Offers higher speed pedal-assist with no throttle, 750W max power output, and a 28 mph speed-limit.
Unrestricted Mode: Unlocks the full potential of the eBike without any limitations.

This feature ensures that riders can always be in the correct mode for the area they are riding in, adhering to local eBike laws and regulations.

User-Friendly Interface

The ODP is designed to be user-friendly. The display shows the selected class, the maximum wattage and speed, and whether the throttle is enabled or disabled. This feature allows riders to adjust their eBike settings on the fly, ensuring they are always capable and compliant.

Why ODP Matters

The versatility offered by ODP is significant for riders who traverse various terrains and jurisdictions where eBike regulations may differ. With ODP, riders can ensure they are riding legally, whether on city streets, bike paths, or in more unrestricted off-road environments.


Bakcou's On-Demand Programming is a testament to their commitment to innovation and rider experience. By giving riders the ability to switch between eBike classes with ease, Bakcou ensures that their eBikes are not just powerful and efficient but also adaptable and law-abiding.

For more information on ODP and how to utilize this feature on your Bakcou eBike, click here or watch the detailed video below.