Electric Bike Trailers – Choosing the Best Trailer for Your Needs

At Bakcou, we know our electric bikes are often used for hunting, camping, and backcountry adventures. Many riders are looking for a way to get themselves and their gear into the backcountry. This demand led us to bring on our line of electric bike trailers. Bakcou electric bike trailers are great for pulling in equipment, hauling out big game, hauling animal feed, and everything in between. With three different styles, all made for different uses, we have an option for everyone. Let’s look at the different types of trailers available and see if we can help you decide which trailer is best for your needs!

Folding Cargo eBike Trailer

Whether you’re heading off on a camping trip or for a multi-day hunt, the Folding Cargo Electric Bike Trailer can get you and your gear wherever you want to go. The Folding Cargo eBike Trailer is a 16.5” W x 40.5” L trailer with a hauling capacity of 150-to-200 pounds. This trailer features a removable canvas liner with a top to hold your gear in place and keep it free from the elements. The Folding Cargo eBike Trailer quickly attaches or releases from the rear axle of your bike. This trailer also comes with axle extenders, which are easy to attach and remove to adjust the wheelbase of your trailer.

Folding Deer eBike Trailer

The Folding Deer Electric Bike Trailer can be used to haul your gear into the backcountry or use it to haul harvested game out of your hunting spot. The best part of the Folding Deer Trailer? You can use it as a trailer, or detach it and push it like a handcart. This feature makes retrieving harvested game extremely easy when you’re in a spot your electric bike can’t reach. Just load up your game, push the trailer to your bike, easily attach it, and you’re ready to take off! The Folding Deer eBike Trailer has a hauling capacity of 150-to-200 pounds. The trailer attaches to the rear axle of the bike. The required hitch for attachment to your eBike is included with the trailer. Axle extenders are included in the purchase of your Folding Deer eBike Trailer to expand the wheelbase. 

Hunting Cargo eBike Trailer

The rugged Hunting Cargo eBike Trailer is the best tool to get you and your gear to the top of a mountain, across a ridgeline trail, on a single track. This trailer was designed to navigate thru tight corners and trails with a rear-wheel/tire with a coiled shock to absorb the bumps and rocks. Additionally, we spared no expense in designing the Hunting Cargo eBike Trailer to have many features that will suit your needs. The Hunting Cargo eBike Trailer comes fully equipped with a kickstand, a canvas liner and cover, and a fender to ensure you get to your desired location without leaving anything behind. The Hunting Cargo Electric Bike Trailer has a smaller hauling capacity, coming in at about 50 to 90 pounds, depending on the trail you are riding. The Hunting Cargo eBike Trailer is not compatible with the Bakcou Flatlander.


Choosing an electric bike trailer comes down to personal preference and the primary use for your trailer. Some trailers are better than others when it comes to terrain and capabilities, while others are the better option for towing capacities. No matter what you choose, we are confident that a Bakcou electric bike trailer will improve your ride and help you reach new destinations.