Bakcou eBikes Partners With Wentz Bros. Outdoors to Elevate Their Hunting Game

At Bakcou, we partner with well-known and (most importantly) well-respected brands and channels to work together to elevate our experiences. About 10 months ago, we partnered with Carson and Zach Wentz of the Wentz Brothers Outdoors. You are probably more familiar with Carson from his time on the football field as an NFL quarterback and former North Dakota State Bison but did you know that when he's not throwing the pigskin around, he's an avid hunter and sportsman? 

Bakcou's love for the outdoors and conservation connected us with the Wentz brothers to bring more awareness to the benefits of using an electric bike for hunting. Zach and Carson have put their Bakcou eBikes to use for spring turkeys and scouting for upcoming deer hunts.

Carson Wentz using Bakcou eBike for Turkey Hunting

Speaking on their experiences they did a recent interview with Bike Mag in which they said:

"You are just always looking for ways to outsmart these animals. They're so finicky that every little mistake is amplified and you take any advantage you can get, whether that's from your scent, walking into a spot, tracking animals, or just the speed and efficiency. We are certainly excited by the potential advantages from using them (Bakcou eBikes). Any hunter is a gear junkie and looking for any little advantage they can get. If that's an arrow or a firearm or ammunition, every little advantage counts. We're gearheads, we're junkies, and so the eBike thing is just another opportunity to dive into getting a little bit more of an advantage over an animal."

Our entire team is excited to see how Zach and Carson continue to use their Bakcou eBikes to get an advantage and where their hunting adventures take them. In the meantime, we're also rooting for Carson and waiting to see his NFL comeback.

To read the full article in Bike Mag, check it out here.