A Response to Utah DWR's Statement Regarding eBikes in WMAs

In response to the Utah DWR’s recent post regarding eBikes in WMAs, we wanted to provide clarification on eBike classifications. Although there are regulations regarding Class II and Class III eBikes, use of Class I eBikes in WMAs is still allowed.

At Bakcou, all of our fat-tire bikes can be Class I eBikes. The thumb throttle on a Bakcou bike can be disconnected and removed so that the bike operates by pedal assist only. Our eBikes with the Bafang ULTRA mid-drive motor can be programmed to max out at 750W, and the speed limit can be set to 20mph. Adjusting this programming allows your Bakcou bike to meet a Class I classification.

In Utah, eBikes are regulated into three different classes. As we adapt to these new regulations surrounding eBikes, we think it’s important to clarify what bikes make up each class. 

CLASS I: Class I eBikes have a maximum pedal-assisted speed of 20mph and do not have a throttle. They have a maximum of a 750W (1HP) motor. 

CLASS II: Class II eBikes can have a throttle (and pedal assist) and are also limited to a top speed of 20mph. Bikes in this class also have a maximum of a 750W (1HP) motor. 

CLASS III: Class III eBikes can have a maximum pedal-assisted speed of 28mp and do not have a throttle. These bikes also have a maximum of a 750W (1HP) motor. 

As consumers and eBike riders, this may leave you wondering which class your eBike falls into, and whether you’re still allowed to ride it in these WMAs. While we can’t speak for all manufacturers, we can answer for our lineup of eBikes.

If you’re not sure about your eBike, we highly recommend reaching out to the manufacturer for more information. 

Bakcou is eager and excited to help drive education around eBikes and their safe and responsible usage in Utah and across the country.