3 Benefits of eBikes For Older Adults

For the older generations, it is so important to stay fit and active as the years go by. Staying active is known to help prevent age-related cognitive decline and improve the quality of life for seniors. While the importance of getting outside and participating in physical activity is known, it’s often difficult for older people to find safe and effective means of participation.

Enter eBikes.

eBikes make the perfect exercise tool to stay active and get outside with a safe and exciting ride. At Bakcou, our eBikes encourage riders to reap the benefits of riding a bike while also getting the bonus of a pedal-assist motor to reduce the impact on the body. This feature is especially beneficial to active seniors looking to get in their physical activity while limiting the impact on their joints. 

Using their eBikes to stay active means Bakcou riders also enjoy the bonus of disease prevention. Studies have shown that physical activity can have just as much, if not more, of a benefit to our immune system than taking vitamins. 

If just the physical health benefits of riding an eBike aren’t enough to convince you that eBikes are favorable for seniors, then maybe the cognitive benefits will help. It’s no secret that our brain function fades as we get older. And I think it’s safe to say that we all would love to be able to combat this as we age. 

Luckily, getting outside and getting active helps to do just that. And, even better, Bakcou eBikes can help you do both. While riding an eBike or a traditional bike can both have incredible benefits on cognitive health, a study by PLOS One found that eBikes often have an even higher impact than a traditional bike. 


Need just a little more convincing? Let’s dive into the benefits eBikes can have on the overall well-being of senior adults.

As people age, they tend to feel like they can't do as much as they once could. Whether it’s because they’re no longer comfortable participating, not physically able to, or just no longer have the means, the number of available activities seems to diminish as we age. 

Riding a bike is one of those things that many active seniors feel like they’re unable to do. They feel like they don’t have the physical capabilities to continue pedaling, climbing, and riding longer distances. This is where eBikes have a significant impact. As discussed before, Bakcou eBikes are pedal-assisted eBikes that provide the opportunity to ride farther and climb more with less impact on their bodies. As a result, older generations don’t have to give up their love of riding bikes. They now get to it with a little bit of assistance to help keep them going. 

eBikes also improve their quality of life because it helps them see outdoor features that they otherwise may not have been able to see. Quite often, many of the most beautiful views sit at the end of a trail that might be just a bit too far for them to walk. Bakcou eBikes are helping to overcome these limitations as they help seniors cover the terrain with relative ease and much less strain.

It’s hard to argue that being able to see sites that once felt out of range and being able to participate in activities you once loved can significantly improve your quality of life. 

While this is in no way an all-inclusive list of the benefits that eBikes can have for older adults, we do hope that it helps encourage seniors not to give up on the activities they love. At Bakcou, our goal is to let them know that there are still incredible options available for them to continue reaping the benefits of riding a bike.

If you’re in the market for a durable, quality-built eBike with the best customer service in the industry, be sure to check out our lineup of Bakcou bikes. We’d love to welcome you to our tribe.