10 Gifts Every Bakcou Rider Needs

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s go-time to start thinking of and buying the perfect gifts for the loved ones in your life. We all know that buying gifts for some is so much easier than for others. So what do you get the special someone in your life who already has it all, including a Bakcou bike? That’s where we can help! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 gifts every Bakcou rider needs.

  1. An eBike Trailer
    Whether they use their Bakcou bike for hunting, trail riding, or bikepacking, every rider could use the extra cargo space and capability that a trailer provides. Bakcou has a line of trailers with options to fit every need. From utility to transporting little ones, Bakcou trailers have towing capacities of up to 200lbs (model dependent). Check out the full line of Bakcou eBike Trailers here.
  2. Thermal Electric Bike Battery Jacket
    A Thermal Battery Jacket from Bakcou is essential for anyone who rides from late fall through early spring in higher elevations or anywhere that experiences colder fall and winter weather. The Thermal Battery Jacket insulates and heats the battery to keep the BMS from shutting down the weather due to colder temps. A Bakcou Thermal Battery Jacket keeps riders on the trails longer and riding further.
  3. A Bakcou Electric Scooter
    If they already have a bike and all of the accessories they could dream of, there’s no better addition to their Bakcou collection than an electric scooter. With multiple styles to choose from, all built for different functions and terrains, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The best part about giving them a Bakcou scooter? It can double as a gift for yourself as well. I mean, they can’t ride both the bike and scooter at the same time, right?
  4. Pannier Bags
    Pannier bags increase cargo space on their bike and give them more options for carrying their gear or hauling their harvest. Bakcou has three different pannier bag options to choose from. The saddle-style bags are by far one of our best-selling accessories.
  5. An Extra Battery
    When the battery on a Bakcou bike is like the gas tank, no one would complain about getting a second battery! This gives riders the ability to ride further and longer, which could double their distance and ride time capabilities!
  6. 2200 Lumen GoPro Mount Headlight
    Nobody wants to be stuck on a trail without being able to see where they’re riding. While some Bakcou bike models come with a 400-lumen headlight, not all of our models do. And for some, the stock headlight may not be enough. Enter Bakcou’s 2200-Lumen Go-Pro Mount Headlight. With more than four times as much light, it is sure to illuminate the terrain ahead and help riders reach their destination safely. The best part? It’s adaptable to any other GoPro mount.
  7. Oversized Universal Fit Comfort Bike Seat
    For many, traditional bike seats aren’t too comfortable. The last thing you want when you’re out riding trails or heading into your favorite hunting spot is to experience discomfort or pain on your ride. At Bakcou, we offer the perfect alternative. Our Oversized Universal Fit Comfort Bike Seat has a wider base and thicker padding, plus dual spring suspension, to create a softer ride.
  8. Bakcou Insulated Cooler/Gear Bag
    Does the Bakcou lover in your life have a Folding Cargo Trailer? If so, then the Bakcou Insulated Cooler/Gear Bag is the perfect gift for them. This dual-purpose bag keeps your drinks cold as you take a ride to the park for a picnic, or you can pack your gear with the peace of mind that the padded sides will keep everything safe. Whether transporting food and drinks or looking to keep their gear protected into the backcountry, the Bakcou Insulated Cooler/Gear Bag is the perfect accessory.
  9. A Bakcou Hoodie or Jacket
    Maybe they have all the accessories they need, and you want to get them something small to represent their favorite eBike brand. Bakcou has a great selection of hoodies and jackets to keep them riding in style all year long. While you’re at it, be sure to check out all of our cool hats and beanies!
  10. Extendable Tailgate Pad
    Make transporting their Bakcou bike easier than ever with the Extendable Tailgate Pad. This soft-sided pad covers the back of the tailgate, protecting it from contact with the bike while giving them space back in the bed of their truck.
While the list above is ten of the Bakcou products we recommend most, it doesn’t even begin to encompass all of the bikes, scooters, parts, and accessories that Bakcou offers. We encourage you to check out our entire online store to see all that we have to deck out your Bakcou bike. If you have any questions or need recommendations, don’t hesitate to reach out! You can email us at info@bakcou.com or call us at (844)227-1096.