The Bakcou Mule – The Number One Selling Fat-Tire Electric Hunting Bike

Bakcou, a Utah-based electric bike company, has quickly risen to the top as an industry leader in the fat-tire electric bike market. While our company was started with an initial focus on the hunting niche, Bakcou has expanded to reach outdoor enthusiasts of all interests. With nine different electric bike models, three electric scooters, and an unmatched dedication to industry-leading design and innovation, Bakcou eBikes is committed to delivering the highest quality electric bikes to sportsmen and dedicated cyclists alike.

The Bakcou Mule, introduced in 2018, is built to pack like a mule with the suspension and gearing to get you there fast. Built around the Bafang ULTRA mid-drive motor, this electric bike features all-metal, heavy-duty engineering combined with the intelligence of an integrated torque sensor, making it the most capable, durable, and efficient motor on the planet. The Bafang ULTRA motor provides continuous feedback from the rider to the motor, giving the Mule the capability to deliver what the rider asks of it and providing the rider a very natural feeling ride in return. Add in the largest lithium-ion eBike battery available on the market, and the Bakcou Mule can take you wherever you want to go. 

The Bafang ULTRA smart motor, often considered the diesel engine of mid-drive electric bike motors, packs a whopping 160 Nm of torque and more power than a compact car. Whether heading out for a trip to the backcountry, hunting the mountain terrain in the West, or simply going for a trail ride with the family, the Mule will get you wherever you want to go. 

The Mule has the quality and design desired for an all-terrain fat-tire bike, with the power and gearing to get riders where they want to go. It’s not hard to see why the Bakcou Mule has been the #1 selling, fat-tire electric hunting bike for four years and counting. More information on the Bakcou Mule can be found HERE.