How to Test Ride a Bakcou Fat Tire Electric Bike

We have people who buy our fat tire electric bikes online everyday, often without ever test riding one. These customers trust our good name and often other things they have seen online. From Google reviews to Youtube videos, there is no shortage of content to consume when deciding which electric hunting or backcountry bike gives the best bang for the buck. 

Understandably, it’s hard to make an investment in a top of the line fat tire electric bike, like a Bakcou bike, without having first ridden one. We want to help our customers feel great about buying one of our bikes. 

There are multiple options available for customers and future-customers to test out our bikes before making a commitment. Test rides are available at our headquarters in Ogden, UT. We also have dealers across the country, and our tribe ambassadors are ready to show off their Bakcou eBikes. We also have videos that help you size your bike, and are working on creating more!

Test Ride Bakcou Fat Tire Electric Bike

Bakcou HQ in Ogden, UT

The best place to test ride a Bakcou bike is at our headquarters in Ogden, UT. The Bakcou headquarters includes a warehouse, our offices, and even a test ride track built by Dave himself. If you’re in the northern Utah area, it's great to test ride here at our headquarters, because you’ll be able to work with and get fitted by our team. Our team here is knowledgeable and passionate about our fat tire electric bikes and accessories. We typically have all of our models available to demo, meaning you can test out every bike we make!

At our headquarters, you can ride bikes in our parking lot or ride on the custom course Dave built up. The course has features like a bridge, crushed gravel, and burms to get a feel for how these bikes handle. Whether you live in the area, or you’re just passing through, we highly recommend a stop at our headquarters for a test ride. Did we mention Ogden is set in the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains and it is beautiful up here?

Bakcou Dealers & Ambassadors

If you won’t be finding yourself near Ogden, UT anytime soon, you can also try test riding with a dealer. We partner with great businesses across the country who stock and sell our bikes. Use our dealer locator to find a dealer near you and give them a call to see what they have currently available. Our dealers are knowledgeable about Bakcou bikes and can get you setup with the best bike for your needs.

In addition to our dealers, we also have tribe ambassadors across the country. Our ambassadors are another great option to test ride a Bakcou eBike. Tribe ambassadors are people who have fallen in love with their Bakcou fat tire electric bike and are happy to show off their bike. You can use the find an ambassador tool on our site to connect with a tribe ambassador near you. While our tribe ambassadors will typically only have one model of our bike, they’ll also be able to give you a customers perspective of working with our team. Our ambassadors have insight on everything from shipping times to customer service before, during, and after your purchase. It can be valuable to hear their thoughts and why they fell in love with our brand. 

Bakcou Fat Tire Electric Bike

Many customers hear about our bikes through friends and family, giving another great option for test riding a Bakcou eBike. 

Our Team is Here to Help!

If you find yourself without Bakcou dealers or tribe ambassadors nearby, we still have options to help you make an informed decision. We have many different videos and tutorials to help you as you purchase your Bakcou fat tire electric bike. Our stand over height video can help you determine with size bike will work for you.

As we continue to sell more bikes and grow as a brand, we will work to make it even easier for you to demo Bakcou eBikes. We are bringing on more great dealers with brick and mortar locations, as well as constantly signing up new ambassadors. If you have any questions about test riding a Bakcou fat tire electric bike for yourself, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help, over the phone, via email, on chat, or in person. Hope to hear from you soon!