You’ve given my back and knees a 30 year do-over.

Wow, just wow is all I can say about the Bakcou Storm bike! I’m brand new to the Ebike family but have entertained getting an Ebike for years; after much research I finally pulled the trigger. This whole getting older thing is not for the faint of heart I’ll tell ya.

Many areas I deer/hog/Turkey hunt are not open to vehicle traffic, which equates to me having to hump a pretty fair distance through palmetto flats,  and up with uneven ground, hog rootin, etc. and swamps. That’s the easy part. The really hard part starts when I’m trying to recover a harvest.

Old military injuries really start to kick into high gear at that point. Now, with my awesome Storm, I can zip out there in minutes without even breaking a sweat, and once I receive my deer cart, I’ll be able to load him up and let’er rip back to the truck!

Thank you Bakcou! With your product I’ll be able to venture out to some old spots I haven’t been able to hunt for years! For now our deer season is over till September….but spring gobbler is around the corner! In the off season I intend to add my Storm to my daily workout routine. It’ll definitely provide a great cardio workout but also give me valuable “training” time with this gem! Between riding roads in town and taking it out to my huntin’ grounds for scouting, trail cams, etc, I figure I’ll become pretty proficient by the time archery rolls around.

Thanks again Bakcou, I could not be more happy and excited! I believe your products are the gold standard; you’ve given my back and knees a 30 year do-over. God Bless y’all!!! 

Mark Kevin