This bike has absolutely changed my life forever.

Hi guys, as you've read from me before, here is my story of how my Bakcou Storm has made an extremely positive impact on my life. I have an old hip injury from a car accident that happened about 20 years ago. I've dealt with intense neuropathy and foot drop ever since.

For so long I was looking for something that would get me active again in a way that would not add more pain. I sat sedentary for years and gained a ton of weight, after 2020 when I was stuck working from home I ballooned up to 310 lbs. I felt so cruddy and had had enough.

I purchased a Bakcou Storm in November 2024. I started slow but now, I regularly ride a minimum of 15 -20 miles around the foothills by my home every day and feel amazing! I am surprised at how much better I feel now as I gain strength back into my entire body and lose weight. Now at about 255lbs (and counting).

Besides the exercise, it has got me back out into nature which I love. Looking forward to taking it camping with me this year to cover a ton of ground while fishing. This bike has absolutely changed my life forever. Thank you Bakcou!! 

Mike Hans