It has put the love of cycling back into my life.

As a lifelong cyclist from childhood delivering papers in saddlebags and exploring everywhere to the Olympic Trials and National Championships, cycling had always been there until the COVID era put the flame out.

I bought a Mule Jager and trailer for my business, Malone’s Geese & Deer Nuisance Control Service, to stealthily get to my tree stands to save time and not overheat in the winter while getting there. Also to quarter up the deer on site and put it on ice because in the summer when it’s 90 I don’t have time to transport it home first.

The Bakcou Mule Jager also allows me to rapidly circumnavigate golf courses at night dispatching Canada Geese or harassing them off the courses allowing me more time for other customers.  Besides the Bakcou saving me money and time, it’s just plain fun and enjoyable to ride again  knowing that I can once again climb any hill, ride any road or trail faster than at my prior peak fitness. At 68 it’s great to be back on the bike with the wind in my face once again.

Thank you Bakcou for putting out a high quality e-bike with the best customer service with employees such as Emma to speak with when needed for assistance.

Tim Malone