Terms & Conditions

AGREEMENT: As an officer of my company, I certify that the information provided in this application is correct and agree to guarantee payments in full for all valid purchases.

By accepting these terms, and in consideration for the credit extended to me by Bakcou, LLC the company included hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions: We agree to pay all invoices rendered by Bakcou, LLC within 30 days from invoice date, unless other arrangements have been made in writing.

If we fail to pay by the due date, we agree to pay an interest rate of 1.5% per month calculated on a simple basis on the amount of the invoice.

Any freight charges paid by Bakcou, LLC may be billed to the Retailer for past due invoices. Additionally, Retailer gives Bakcou, LLC the authorization to bill all amounts due plus an applicable 3% processing fee if using a credit card.

If Bakcou, LLC is required to take legal action to enforce payment, we agree to pay costs including reasonable attorney’s fees and collection costs, or, at the option of Bakcou, LLC a specific sum equal to 30% of the total amount due, provided that this provision of attorney’s fees and collection costs is void where prohibited by applicable laws.

A 20% restocking charge may be applied to all returned items. By accepting these terms, this certifies that he/she is authorized to execute this document and that all statements are true and correct. Verification may be obtained of any information or statements contained in this application and that a copy of the authorization may be used to obtain such information.

I/we hereby authorize Bakcou, LLC to provide information contained herein to other credit reporting services and suppliers. If the credit customer is a corporation, then those accepting these terms included in this application, whether signing as an office or not, personally guarantee payments for all products purchased on credit by the corporation. This Agreement may only be modified if terminated in writing.

This Agreement shall continue in full force and effect until the indebtedness is paid in full.

By accepting the terms of this application, you verify that the information you provided is accurate and that you agree to the above terms and conditions.

I hereby authorize Bakcou, LLC to charge and collect fees, costs and expenses, which are incurred by myself or any member or employee of the personal business, firm, partnership, LLC or Corporation, stated above.

I certify that I am authorized to accept these terms and conditions on behalf of myself, personal business, firm, partnership, LLC or Corporation.