Why most bikes are manufactured in Asia

China is often called “The World’s Factory” because it produces such a large amount of the world’s goods. From cleaning products to clothing to electronics to home gyms. Chinese manufacturing has become increasingly ubiquitous with consumer goods. Well known brands from Apple to Patagonia utilize Chinese manufacturing in creating their products. There are many reasons […]

ELK SHAPE: eBikes for Hunting

Divisive: eBikes for Hunting In spring of 2019, I used an eBike on a spring bear hunt in Idaho. What I have since learned is that if you want ruffle some feathers, just post of picture of your eBike while hunting on social media. The comments can get pretty interesting. Why are eBikes so divisive? […]

Bakcou at the Expo

Earlier this year Bakcou and our team attended several expo events across the country. It was a blast! We met so many great customers and partners in the industry. Expos are a fantastic opportunity for both us and our customers. These events allow customers to see our products in person, ride an eBike and get […]

Lone Wolf Precision Teams Up With Bakcou

The team at Wolf Precision, Inc., Long Range Shooting and Custom Rifle Building have teamed up with Bakcou! In one of their recent podcasts they discuss their need and interest for an eBike and what ultimately made them pull the trigger on getting setup with a few Bakcou eBikes.