The Benefits of Riding an Ebike

With any new technology there will be those who quickly embrace it to those who will scoff at it, and also people at every point in between. For those of you who may be somewhere in the middle when it comes to ebikes, let me tell you about some of the benefits of riding an […]

Riding your eBike with a trailer

When it comes to accessories, other than our pannier bags, our trailers are the hot item that everyone wants with their new Bakcou bike. And it makes sense! Trailers add so much utility and versatility to an e-bike. With the added cargo space you can haul more gear, easily pack out an animal, or even […]

The Evolution of e-Bike Laws

When Brian (our CMO) came to me this morning and asked me to read Washington State Senate Bill 5452, “an act relating to electric-assisted bicycles” I can’t say that I dug right in. But after drinking some coffee, answering some emails and generally putzing around a little, I got into the bill and ended up […]