TRIBE Ambassadors

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To become a Bakcou Tribe Ambassador and assist in showing potential customers eBikes, please fill out the form below. We will post the following to our locator map:

  • First Name only
  • Phone Number
  • City
  • State

Please Note: We will not, under any circumstance, post your address on the map. That is for you to share at your discretion with whomever reaches out to you.

  1. Fill out the Tribe Ambassador form.
  2. Show off the Bakcou eBike to a potential buyer
  3. Make sure they add your first and last name onto the notes section on the checkout page or if they call in their order, have them mention your first and last name.
  4. We will email you a coupon code. If bike is purchased during a sale or with a discount, the coupon code will be $100. If bike is purchased at full price, coupon code will be $200. (Maximum of $200 coupon per referral.)
  5. Purchase any item of your choice!

Please note: The code will be given whether the individual purchases from a dealer or directly from Bakcou. As long as the Tribe Ambassador’s name is passed along, the credit will be given.


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